However since 1984 I have worked as a freelance journalist providing outdoor material for a variety of outlets. I still serve as Outdoor Editor on the Outdoors page,, Outdoor Guide for the Tennessee Wild Side TV program, and providing outdoor material for a variety of other publications.


Born right here in Chattanooga, I grew up with a bow & arrow in my hand. My parents were avid outdoors people who organized the Tennessee Archery Association, spearheaded the effort to create a special archery season for hunters, and spent many days afield every Fall. During the Spring we turned our attention to bowfishing on Chickamauga Lake . Dad was not an avid angler, but he kept me on the water regularly nonetheless. It wasn't long before I occasionally put down the bow and picked up a fishing rod. I've never looked back.

My love for the outdoors led me first to a career in conservation. After obtaining a degree in Wildlife & Fisheries Management, I went to work for the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency as a game warden in Marion County (and on Nickajack Lake ). Soon my interest in journalism led me to a job as a wildlife photographer and public relations officer for the Wildlife Resources Agency out of its Nashville headquarters.

We fish from a G3 Angler 170C       

.... not quite this clean :)

Now as Chattanooga blossoms into a city that revolves around the Tennessee River, there is a great wish to share those experiences with others. Scenic City Fishing Charters, Inc. truly is a labor of love.

Along came children and the desire to come back to my hometown to be close to family and friends. That led to a second career as a professional broadcast journalist for WTVC NewsChannel 9. However after 31 years, I gave up my TV career

                                  to devote 100% of my time and effort to guiding.