Come and fish some of Tennessee’s best mountain trout lakes using a unique technique rarely seen in the South.

Guide Scott Lillie specializes in deep-water trolling techniques using downriggers, planer boards, and directional divers. He says, “These tools allow us to present our baits in water that is impossible to fish using traditional techniques.”

There is no experience or angling expertise required. It can be a great new experience for the avid trout angler, OR the same great experience for someone who has never touched a fishing rod, including kids.

Lillie can carry up to two anglers targeting lake trout, rainbow trout and brown trout. Bass, walleye and yellow perch are also potential side benefits. And best of all, it is on beautiful water in some of the most scenic areas Tennessee has to offer. As the saying goes, “Trout only live in pretty places.”

Lillie doesn’t ply his trade on the Tennessee River. Unlike other Scenic City Fishing excursions he doesn't fish on Chattanooga's doorstep. He hits the road focusing specifically on
Watauga, Dale Hollow, Chilhowee and Calderwood reservoirs (see map below). Many of Tennessee’s deep, cold water mountain reservoirs harbor excellent populations of trout thanks to the state’s aggressive reservoir stocking programs.

Lillie cut his teeth learning to troll for trout and salmon on the Great Lakes. He grew to love the very specialized downrigging and trolling techniques and has transferred the skills acquired over 30 years to Tennessee.

Sit back, relax and enjoy a unique trout fishing trip with Scott.

Trolling for Trout, Bass & Perch

No Experience Necessary