Deposits will be refunded if we cancel due to severe weather. For other cancellations, deposits will be held and your trip re-scheduled on a mutually convenient date. Credentialed members of BoatUS receive a 10% discount.  CLICK HERE to learn about ordering Scenic City Fishing Gift Certificates.

                                                                FISHING LICENSES
Fishing licenses (listed below) are not included in cost.
CLICK HERE to buy them online, or you can buy licenses at any Walmart or other major outdoor retailer in the area ... Sportsman's Warehouse, Academy Sports & Outdoors, Gander Mountain, Dick's Sporting Goods and a Bass Pro Outpost. (We also have a Cabelas, but it's just across the Georgia state line and doesn't sell Tennessee licenses).


  • NON-Resident 3-Day Fishing [least available], (Type 077 = $20.50)
  • NON-Resident Jr. Annual Fishing (required ages 13-15, Type 070 = $11)
  • TN Resident One-Day (Type 021 = $6.50)
  • TN Resident Junior License (required ages 13-15, Type 002 = $10)
  • TN Resident Annual (Type 001 = $34)
  • TN Annual Senior Citizen (65 & over, Type 164 = $5)

  • For Fishing WE provide - All fishing equipment, all bait, water, good attitudes :-)
  • YOU provide - Sunscreen, sunglasses, food, snacks, soft drinks, alcoholic beverage (in moderation), cooler/ice if you want to keep fish (We do NOT clean fish), weather-appropriate clothing (We will fish in rain, but not severe wind or weather. Deposits will be refunded if we cancel due to severe conditions).  MOST IMPORTANT! BRING YOUR DESIRE TO HAVE FUN!

                                                PLACES TO STAY

Places to stay on the water are very limited. Island Cove Marina has a motel and a few cabins. Blue Water Resort is excellent, but is about 40 or 50 minutes from the areas we routinely fish. We frequently recommend visitors review hotels near the near the Chattanooga Airport and Interstate 75.  There is a very wide selection with lots of restaurants nearby and it is within 15 or 20 minutes of most places we fish. You can also CLICK HERE  for information on nearby cabins to rent. We highly recommend that you check out "The Mill House Cabin" or "Deerfield Creek Cottage." You can also review private listings on, but review CLOSELY to insure they are in a reasonable proximity of Chattanooga.

FISHING TRIP RATES    ("License Info" and "Places to Stay" below)

  • HALF DAY (minimum 4 hours on the water) ... $175 (1 person), $225 (2 people), $300 (3 people)
  • FULL DAY (minimum 8 hours on the water) ... $275 (1 person), $350 (2 people), $450 (3 people)

          (Once your fishing date is confirmed via phone or e-mail, $50 Deposit required per day:

                         We're flexible and will pro-rate charges for other fishing times, as needed.